Climate Change and Activism
Jeremias Vall, 2020 Showcase

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Climate Change and Activism LibGuide

Climate Change and Activism LibGuide: Scientists have warned about the emergency of climate change and the threat that it poses to our planet. Studies have shown that human activity has had, and continues to have, a direct impact on this crisis (Cook et al., 2016). Furthermore, scientists have agreed that the concerns of climate activists are justified (Hagedorn et al., 2019). The purpose of this LibGuide is to provide the best resources and research tips to SJSU students who are researching climate change and climate activism.


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Photo credit: “Global Warming” by San Diego Shooter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Jeremias Vall

Jeremias Vall: I am from Long Beach, California. I have worked in both academic and public libraries for a little over 10 years. Currently I work as a Library Service Specialist at California State University Fullerton’s Pollak library where I supervise student employees and provide Circulation and Reference assistance to the campus community. I am currently serving on the CSU ULMS Assessment & Analytics committee.

When I am not in the library I enjoy being in the great outdoors, hiking and camping.