Differentiating & Defining Online Resources
Christopher Lopez, 2021 Showcase

OER Week at UCLA - Differentiating & Defining Online Resources

Differentiating & Defining Online Resources: Intellectual rights like copyright and the movement to make information as accessible as possible can at times clash, but this clash does not necessitate a stalemate. Part of embodying competency A entails an ability to navigate the fraught areas of information ethics and educating others in the navigation process. This video was made to help UCLA faculty understand and appreciate the legal differences between copyrighted material, open access, and open educational resources, highlighting the options that create the most access and participation in information production — both priorities of academic librarian ethics.

Christopher Lopez

Over the past five years, Chris Lopez has worked in public, special, and academic libraries. He enjoys exploring avenues to intersect his love for comics and graphic novels with librarianship. Specifically, he is experimenting with the mode of sequential as a tool for information literacy instruction while assisting UCLA faculty who want to incorporate comics into their pedagogy or curriculum. He is also interested in theological librarianship, OER, instructional design, digital research tools, integrating CRT into information science practices, and empathetic, trauma-informed reference support. Chris currently works as library assistant and instructional designer at the UCLA Library. Chris received his Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Religion & Culture from Fuller Theology Seminary and hopes to complete his MLIS this Fall. He hopes to find opportunities in comics librarianship and theological librarianship after graduating.