Digital Learning Leader – Portfolio
Shani Boyd, Katie Donner, Starry Eigenman, Erin Estrup, Erika Reyes, Melissa Sanchez, Kelsie Thompson, and Kami Whitlock, 2021 Showcase

Digital Learning Leader - Portfolio

Digital Learning Leader – Portfolio: The concept of a digital learning leader is a professional who brings to an organization a strong portfolio that demonstrates their contribution to teaching and learning. These leaders partner with a teacher, trainer, or instructor to fold in a wide variety of learning strategies in virtual and even face to face learning environments. They may work in K-12 schools, universities, business organizations, government entities or startups where any kind of teaching and learning is happening.

Sample projects in this portfolio were created by iSchool students studying instructional design and include unit plans, text sets, reading promotions and self-directed creativity videos. The projects cover a wide range of topics including design thinking, civics learning, knowledge building, and college in the time of COVID.