Environmentalist Information Community
Emily Church, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 200 - Information Communities

Environmentalist Information Community

Environmentalist Information Community: The American Library Association has confirmed the role of libraries as allies for environmental activists and encouraged them to augment patron understanding of the issue of global climate change wherever possible. This study evaluates several environmentalist identities, which vary in depth of interest, world views, and willingness to take difficult steps toward less consumptive lifestyles and suggests ways to nudge people towards taking greater ownership of their personal environmental impact. Instrumental to this goal is an understanding of environmentalist information needs and behaviors, which are explored through the insights of everyday life information seeking (ELIS). Following is a discussion of the steps several libraries have taken in environmentalist programming, the sources of information made available through emerging technology, and how the impact of climate change is felt in different corners of the world.

Emily Church

Emily Church is a public library assistant on the southern Oregon coast. She loves that library work allows her to be one of “the helpers” in the world, and enjoys spending time making patrons feel heard and valued. Emily is passionate about the environment and animal rights and enjoys beachcombing, Dungeons & Dragons, and horror fiction. Her career aspirations are to increase media literacy in her community and to work as a tireless advocate for empathy, civility, and sustainability.