Ghibli Museum – Let’s Find Our Way Together
Sandra Armor, Rin Carbin, Kyle Moon, and Tara Scopa, 2022 Showcase

Showcase INFO 246 - Information Architecture

Ghibli Museum - Let’s Find Our Way Together

Ghibli Museum - Let’s Find Our Way Together: The Ghibli Museum is a celebration of the titular studio’s beloved films, which are masterpieces of traditional animation beloved by children and adults alike. As it seeks to resume attracting international visitors in 2022, the museum needs a robust and informative English-language website to inform the curious and sell tickets to future visitors. ACMS partners Sandra Armor, Rin Carbin, Kyle Moon and Tara Scopa have reimagined the Ghibli Museum’s English-language website to promote Studio Ghibli’s goal of exploring animation. Guided by insights discovered and developed throughout the redesign process, our team proposes a more intuitive, streamlined, and enjoyable website layout and organization to aid Anglophone visitors, who have different expectations and needs than Japanese visitors. The redesign meets identified stakeholder objectives and resolves barriers that users face, creating an improved Ghibli Museum website visitors may soon use to learn about offerings, plan visits to the museum, and purchase tickets.

The final product is a presentation and project report complete with evaluation of the existing website, identification of business and user-friendly design objectives, user research results, a graphic depicting the proposed sitemap, and a live wireframe of selected reimagined webpages. Redesign goals utilized Covert’s (2020) information architecture heuristics. As part of the redesign process, we created a content inventory of the current website, user personas, and user journey maps and performed user research through card sorting and interviews with potential users.

Our redesign improves the website’s ease of use and display of the museum’s attractions with clearer categorization and greater emphasis on visual information.

Sandy Armor is currently pursuing her MLIS at San Jose State University. She has a B.A. in Communications and a background in publishing and digital asset management.

Rin Carbin has been a Library Assistant at the Sacramento Public Library since 2019. She is pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science and anticipates receiving a degree in 2023. Rin’s interests include public library makerspaces and technological, digital, and information literacy. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and reading.

Kyle Moon grew up in Davis, CA and received a Bachelor’s in Art History from UC Berkeley. Kyle has worked for UC Berkeley Library, University of Southern California Libraries, Berkeley Public Library, and San Francisco Law Library, and is currently a Circulation Supervisor with San Francisco Public Library. Kyle plans to graduate from SJSU with an MLIS pathway on Web Programming.

Tara Scopa is a student in the Master of Library and Information Science Program at San Jose State University. Tara’s interests are in the areas of cataloging, metadata, and equitable information access.