Glass Artist Jerome Underwood Digital Collection: Planning for Digitization
Julie Kadoi, Adam King, Jett Kuch, and Alison Quirion, 2021 Showcase

Glass Artist Jerome Underwood Digital Collection: Planning for Digitization

Glass Artist Jerome Underwood Digital Collection: Planning for Digitization: Our group project is the digitization of a select group of glass and ceramic objects by Southern California artist, Jerome Underwood. Group member, Adam King, photographed 40 items according to best practices for digitizing 3-dimensional objects, using color targets, and creating master and surrogate files for display. Each member of the group added the images to our collection page in CONTENTdm, applying uniform, consistent metadata across 20 fields. We used a combination of controlled vocabularies and free text to describe the objects for effective search and retrieval. We also incorporated metadata to address preservation as well as copyright information. On our CONTENTdm collection landing page, we created links to object groupings we anticipate to be useful to our target audience. Using museum digital collections as our inspiration, we created a digital collection that showcases the beauty and techniques of glassblowing and ceramics from a master craftsman. View the presentation (Vimeo).

Julie Kadoi

Julie Kadoi lives in Los Angeles and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature. She studied sculpture in art school and has worked a variety of jobs over the years, from teaching French to elementary school students, to educating the general public about cancer and working as a freelance crochet artist and teacher. Besides work and hanging out with her wonderful teen daughter, she spends her free time looking at fine art, attending yoga classes, juicing veggies and hiking.

She realized that her wide-ranging interests and experience could serve a greater purpose through public service and began her journey toward her MLIS at SJSU. With her degree, she hopes to work in an information setting where she will have regular opportunities to engage with the general public, especially teens, enabling access to arts resources and diverse programming for all.

Adam King

Adam King is an MLIS student in Los Angeles. He has a BFA from CalArts in graphic design, and he is currently employed as an art director and designer for a small, “dark archives.” His work also includes digitizing and managing all of the digital assets in the collection/archives, which is an excellent opportunity to apply much of what he learns at SJSU. He expects to graduate from SJSU in the fall of 2022, focusing on digital preservation and curation in an archives setting.

Jett Kuch

Jett Kuch grew up in San Jose and eventually moved to Los Angeles for UCLA film school. After working in post-production for eighteen years, she decided to make a career change. Film and television continue to hold a special place for her, but she’s far more passionate about literature/librarianship and helping others in that capacity. She is currently halfway through the MLIS program and is leaning toward public or academic librarianship. She’s still keeping an open mind, though, and can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes her.

Alison Quirion

After spending 20 years in entertainment marketing, Alison Quirion realized her passion was in connecting people with information and resources, which led her to leave marketing behind and pursue a second career in LIS. During her MLIS program, she discovered the wonderful world of metadata, taxonomies, and digital curation. As she begins this new chapter in her career, she is interested in improving access to information through metadata, making knowledge creation equitable, and working with visual resources. Alison was the 2020/2021 Chair of the SJSU student chapter of the Society of American Archivists, and is currently searching for her dream job.