Guerrilla Library Toolkit
Kris Jayme Matas, 2023 Showcase

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Guerrilla Library Toolkit

Guerrilla Library Toolkit This toolkit was created in response to the growing book bans across the nation targeting LGBTQ and BIPOC history and identities in hopes that it could be used by librarians to enact their own direct action through guerrilla librarianship. It introduces the concept, history, methods, and models of guerrilla libraries, as well as a large collection of resources. Kris hopes this might become a living document that can be adapted over time with up-to-date resources as the need for guerrilla librarianship grows.

Kris Jayme Matas

Kris Jayme Matas (they/them) is a trans, disabled librarian in training. They are a researcher in nutrition and human development at a lab at UC Davis. When they aren’t studying or working, they have a passion for community-based social justice, especially disability and LGBTQ centered, which is what inspired the topic for this toolkit. They hope to go into either academic librarianship or archival work since their first library job was in research services. However, their penchant for activism might be better suited for public librarianship.