A Guide to Venice, Italy
Nicole Conroy, 2021 Showcase

LibGuide to Venice

A Guide to Venice, Italy: The purpose of this LibGuide is to provide cultural resources, language resources, leisure reading resources, and more on the subject of Venice, Italy. In creating this guide I envisioned it being used in a variety of public library contexts as a supplement to cultural or travel programming, such as an Italian culture club or language program, or perhaps travel-based book clubs. Similarly, a public library could have special cultural series programming that focuses on different cities around the world, and this guide would be suited to complement a unit on Venice. The inclusion of a section tab for reference databases also makes the guide useful in academic libraries, where it can serve as a supplemental resource for students taking Italian language classes, or in conjunction with a hypothetical study abroad program in Venice. The target audience for this guide is adults, from college students to lifelong learners.

Nicole Conroy

Nicole Conroy was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently lives in Sunnyvale, CA. After graduating with a psychology degree from Humboldt State University, Nicole ended up working as a school library assistant and fell in love with libraries. Upon completion of her MLIS degree, she plans on transitioning into a career in public libraries. Her professional interests include reference, cataloging, and youth services.