History of Foresight/Futures Studies and Methods to Plan for the Future LibGuide
Erin Mundy, 2021 Showcase

History of Foresight/Futures Studies & Methods to Plan for the Future LibGuide

History of Foresight/Futures Studies & Methods to Plan for the Future LibGuide: This LibGuide covers the history of foresight/futures studies and techniques that forecasters/futurists use for planning. More specifically, this resource includes links to a myriad of useful websites, ground breaking university programs, visually appealing “futures” guides, people (i.e. futurists), as well as organizations and developments that will enable curious learners and forthcoming futurists to understand how strategic foresight works, so that we can better prepare for possible social, economic, ecological and technological changes in the future.

Erin Mundy

Erin Mundy: I am an SJSU iSchool student who is about halfway there in completing my graduate program. I earned my BA in English at SDSU, where I discovered and fostered my passion and advocacy for the Digital Humanities and emerging technologies. Over the years, many interdisciplinary educational opportunities and makerspace volunteer programs that I have been involved with have greatly influenced my enthusiasm for technologies, research collaborations and information literacy initiatives. In this regard, I am excited and motivated to undertake and perform the dynamic information professional role and to create a positive impact at an academic library community in the near future.