How to Advocate for Your Public Library
Logan Dickerson, 2022 Showcase

Showcase INFO 204 - Information Professions

How to Advocate for Your Public Library

How to Advocate for Your Public Library: The assignment that inspired this project was to create an infographic about some topic that was of importance to information professionals currently. One of the students I have been working with in another course is experiencing serious and heartbreaking challenges at their library due to a very closed minded, conspiracy filled library board that has done everything from move books they don’t like (LGBTQ+) to cutting ties with ALA. With this issue of groups targeting libraries from within and without on my mind, I wanted some easy way to give staff more control and more agency. Obviously this isn’t to place sole responsibility on staff; these groups are making their own choices, but I had hoped to find straightforward ways staff could combat this trend without being overwhelmed.

Logan Dickerson

A Colorado native born in Denver, Logan Dickerson grew up on the Western slope of the state and is currently working at a local public library. Logan’s undergraduate degree is from the other CSU (Colorado State University), and she is interested in staying with public libraries after earning the MLIS.