How to Use the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Samantha Hamilton, 2021 Showcase

How to Use the Biodiversity Heritage Library


How to Use the Biodiversity Heritage Library: This is an online guide created for higher-education students, particularly those enrolled in San José State University’s BIOL 201 seminar. The guide walks users through the Biodiversity Heritage Library database, which can access more than 58 million pages of digitized literature related to natural history, biology, and more.

Included in the guide are three instructional videos. The first helps users get started with the database by introducing information about its scope and content, while the second and third videos give a step-by-step look at how to conduct both basic and advanced searches in the database.

The guide also contains a one-page informational handout that was designed to be distributed to students in the event of an in-person instructional session. The handout features basic information about the Biodiversity Heritage Library database and tips for how to carry out an effective search.
Samantha Hamilton

Samantha Hamilton (she/her) graduated from San José State University in 2021 with a master’s in library and information science. She is currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, where she is studying environmental sciences and policy in the hopes of becoming an environmental librarian/archivist some day. Samantha was formerly an intern for the Busy Beaver Button Museum, Dallas Zoo, and National Park Service. At the moment, she is a metadata assistant for the Wildlife Conservation Society and a research fellow for the National Parks Conservation Association. She is passionate about sustainability in information settings and looking forward to making tomorrow’s library and archives more eco-friendly.