Information Architecture Redesign Project: BoardGameGeek
Bianca Crouse and Shelby Popplewell, 2020 Showcase

BoardGameGeek Information Architecture Redesign

BoardGameGeek Information Architecture Redesign: This proposal outlines a user research plan and redesign of the information architecture for the website BoardGameGeek. Our proposed redesign seeks to meet the needs of current website users while creating a welcoming and easy to navigate information architecture for newcomers. The redesign will help the website grow their audience while keeping the users the website already has. Ultimately, the redesign will better allow casual and serious board game hobbyists to use the website as a platform to share board game information.

Bianca Crouse

Bianca Crouse is an MLIS student from the Pacific Northwest. She is currently employed as a Content Strategist and Search Engine Optimist (SEO) for a website. She loves working on websites, and is especially interested in information organization and UX design. She will be graduating in Spring 2021 and plans to continue working on websites (most likely as an SEO) in the future.

Shelby Popplewell

Shelby Popplewell is a current SJSU iSchool student and works in a public library in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and is now pursuing her MLIS at San Jose State University. Her intent is to go into cataloging for public libraries.