Las Pilitas Nursery: Plan to Restructure
Emily N. Cannon, Briana Vann, and Katie Veeninga, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 246 - Information Architecture

Las Pilitas Nursery: Plan to Restructure

Las Pilitas Nursery: Plan to Restructure is a web resource and e-commerce site dedicated to California native plant gardening and ecosystem preservation. In this project, the team leveraged the rich content of the site to design an information architecture that would fulfill the business objectives of the organization, including increasing dwell time and purchase activity. The project describes our use of analytical tools and UX protocols to redesign and provides sample site maps, user flows, and wireframes.

Emily N. Cannon

Emily N. Cannon: After spending 12 years in tech working with information architecture without realizing it, I decided to pursue my MLIS and refocus my career. I particularly enjoy any opportunity to work on projects where tech skills intersect with pop culture, human behavior, and social good. I live in San Jose with my partner and our beloved pet rabbit.

Briana Vann

Briana Vann is pursuing her MLIS after a long career as an educator. An aspiring taxonomist and knowledge organizer, her professional interests center on data analysis, ontology, and linguistics. Briana is based in Santa Cruz, California and can be found hanging out with her dogs, geeking out about wine, and reading cookbooks (but not cooking).

Katie Veeninga

Katie Veeninga: I live in Portland, Oregon and work for a digital health solutions company for which I lead business and product strategy. I have worked in the health insurance industry for over a decade in a variety of roles including software implementation, data analytics and consultancy and most recently as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Medical Officer. Last summer, I transitioned to a different part of our company that is building a healthcare app and I am very excited for this shift. My focus now, along with overall business strategy, is particularly focused on our use of data and how that powers our product and most importantly, our user’s experience. I am following a combination of the Emerging Technologies & Information Organization career pathways at SJSU. In my spare time I paint, read novels and cook. I have a 16 year old son who won’t stop growing, two Siberian Huskies and a cat who gets crabbier every day.