The Lavender Public Library’s Neurodivergent Inclusion Initiative
Briana Alvino, 2023 Showcase

The Lavender Public Library's Neurodivergent Inclusion Initiative

The Lavender Public Library's Neurodivergent Inclusion Initiative:  The project details a comprehensive plan aimed at bridging the service gap for neurodivergent individuals within the community. It places a strong emphasis on fostering inclusivity through the implementation of specialized programs, strategic partnerships, and effective communication strategies. Specifically, the plan introduces tailored initiatives like Sensory Storytime and Sensory-Friendly Hours, ensuring a welcoming environment for neurodivergent patrons and parents with neurodivergent children. View the presentation.

I crafted this project because I strongly feel that neurodivergent people deserve equal access and inclusion in community spaces. Neurodivergent individuals and their families should not feel left out but rather embraced and accommodated. It is my firm belief that understanding and celebrating neurodiversity enriches the fabric of our community, fostering a culture where differences are not only accepted but valued. Through this initiative, I hope to contribute to building a society that recognizes and appreciates the strengths inherent in neurodivergent perspectives.

Briana Alvino

Brianna Alvino: “I hold a BA in English from Fresno State and am a proud first-generation graduate student currently pursuing my MLIS. As a neurodivergent individual, I embrace the belief that being neurodivergent is about “differences, not deficits.” In my free time, I read romance novels and channel my creativity into writing young adult stories. My journey is driven by a commitment to spreading awareness about neurodivergence and using my MLIS knowledge to construct environments that celebrate the unique ways our brains process information.”