Little Desert Public Library Virtual Teen DnD Program
Ayla Elkins, Christy Vasquez-Googe, Jennifer Cyphers, Krista Ward-Sell, 2020 Showcase

Little Desert Public Library Virtual Teen DnD Program

Little Desert Public Library Virtual Teen DnD Program: The project is a marketing plan and presentation developed for a fictional public library to propose a new program. The Virtual Teen Dungeons & Dragons program is aimed at reaching the teen population during the current Covid-19 pandemic. View the presentation.

Ayla Elkins

Ayla Elkins is a current SJSU iSchool student and a Literacy Services Coordinator working at a public library in Northern California. She began her library journey in 2016 and has been passionate about librarianship ever since. She is excited to complete her MLIS degree in spring 2021 and hopes to eventually become a Library Director at an academic or public library. In her spare time, she loves to travel, read, and spend time with her family.


Christy Vasquez-Googe

Christy Vasquez-Googe: I am an MLIS student with plans to graduate next semester. I am a wife and mother of two and love working in special libraries, specifically Marine Corps base libraries.


Jennifer Cyphers

Jennifer Cyphers: Public library enthusiast.


Krista Ward-Sell

Krista Ward-Sell: I am a Library Media Assistant at an elementary school with six years of experience. After graduating with a fine art degree from California State University at Long Beach, I worked for seven years as a floral designer. After my son’s school was discovered to have no working library, I worked to reboot the library, getting it organized, staffed, and cataloged. While I originally thought that the job would be a temporary one, I fell in love with Librarianship and youth services. I am hoping to graduate with my MLIS in August 2021.