Maps in Youth Literature
Jeanna Michel, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 268 - History of Youth Literature

Maps in Youth Literature


Maps in Youth Literature: This PowerPoint presentation will explore the significance of maps in children’s and young adult literature. This exploration into literary maps within children’s and young adult literature serves as a review of previous research done in this field. Upon reflection, all readers may be able to look back into their childhood and remember their favorite literary maps.
Jeanna Michel

Jeanna Michel lives and works on a farm in New York. Her book blog, created in 2010, showcases reviews and author interviews. She has a BA in English and Communication Arts from State University of New York at Oneonta. After studying abroad, she returned to South Korea to teach near the northern border. Jeanna also was an editorial intern at The Book Report Network and a marketing intern at W.W. Norton & Company. Currently, she is pursuing a MLIS from San José State University.