Marketing Plan for XYZ High School Library
Joanna Barry, Valerie Janis, Natalie Jones, and Caitlin Masters, 2020 Showcase

Marketing Plan for XYZ High School Library

Marketing Plan for XYZ High School Library: The XYZ High School library has established three strategic goals based on its vision and mission statements. This marketing plan was created to suggest to the XYZ High School library strategies for meeting these specific objectives of their strategic goals:

  • Objective 1.3: Increase circulation of both print and electronic books.
  • Objective 2.2: Increase student awareness and usage of library offerings and programs.

The plan calls for a three part campaign, part one of which will reward students for turning in all overdue books and paying all fees on their accounts. Part two will similarly reward students for checking out, reading, and reviewing books. Part three is the founding of a school-wide book club for students, faculty, and staff. View the presentation.

Joanna Barry

Joanna Barry is a Library Science student who wants to work in Special Libraries.


Valerie Janis

Valerie Janis is entering her final semester for her MLIS degree. She is the outreach research technician at a tribal college in South Dakota.


Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones developed a strong interest in librarianship while working on her undergraduate degree in Graphic Communication at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She currently works as a graphic designer and volunteers with the East Bay Children’s Book Project in Oakland, California. She hopes to eventually work as a school or children’s librarian. In her free time, Natalie enjoys knitting, roller skating, and traveling.


Caitlin Masters

Caitlin Masters: The only thing I love more than books is my cell phone, which lets me perform research any time, anywhere. I was an English teacher for 14 years and now I’m turning the school library into the heart of campus, overflowing with innovation, collaboration, curiosity, adaptability, critical inquiry, and transliteracy.