My Super 5: A Podcast Series
David Vargas, 2020 Showcase

Showcase INFO 287 - The Hyperlinked Library

My Super 5: A Podcast Series by David Vargas

My Super 5: A Podcast Series: My entry for Dr. Stephens’ final assignment “The Virtual Symposium” was designed to incorporate a creative approach to the trending participatory library service of podcasting. I wanted to learn more about podcasting and this assignment was my opportunity to do so. The thought process for the podcast series was to highlight my “top five takeaways” from INFO 287 and Dr. Stephens. I thought I would make an episode for each “takeaway,” and interview fellow San Mateo County Library employees, local small business owners, family, and iSchool peers that really embrace and champion the selected “takeaways.” I was also fortunate enough to receive original music from Bay Area musicians (San Jose, Redwood City, Fremont, San Carlos) in order to provide great music for the podcast; this was a nice cross-promotion opportunity for both parties. It took me a total of five days to put together “My Super 5,” and each day I was able to take the information I learned from Dr. Stephens and apply it by way of content creation, interviews, with technology, and more. Dr. Stephens was able to uniquely highlight and demonstrate during the course an empathetic approach to the library; this resonated with me deeply. Having a heart for others was the premise of the podcast series “My Super 5.” This was my favorite assignment and my favorite course thus far at San Jose State University!

David Vargas

Hello, my name is David Vargas and I am a student in San Jose State’s Master of Library and Information Science Program. I have just completed my third semester of the program and I am enjoying the information, assignments, collaborative aspects, and instruction from the stellar faculty! I currently work for San Mateo County Libraries as a Community Technology Specialist and have been learning new work-from-home responsibilities by way of virtual programming and additional communication outlets like text, email, ZOOM tech support meetings, and phone support. Being able to learn at San Jose State regarding the profession of librarianship has really given me a new confidence when it comes to working for SMCL with both colleagues and patrons. It is a blessing to be on this journey and feel supported. Thank you San Jose State, peers, and all my professors (who I consider to be mentors).