Organizational Risk Management
Stacy Vandenput, 2023 Showcase

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Organizational Risk Management

Organizational Risk Management: This is a two-part, educational assessment of assets, values, potential sources and impacts of losses, and loss mitigation techniques of property owned by a 501(c)(3) organization in Wisconsin. Information for the project was derived from publicly available information, interviews with key personnel, and investigator observations. The organization is a service, advocacy, and training organization that has served its community since the early 1990s. The scope of the evaluation is not all-inclusive and serves only as a representative sample of the type of organizational assets that could be assessed and protected in the future. Risk analysis was modeled after NIST guidelines.

Stacy Vandenput

Stacy Vandenput is entering her final year in the Masters of Archives and Records Administration program at San José State University’s School of Information. She enrolled at SJSU after a 30-year career as a home-birth midwife and plans to pursue postgraduate research around midwifery information management, developing textbooks, learning modules, and curricula on midwifery informatics to embed into midwife training programs. With the recent growth of midwifery in the U.S., Stacy dreams of creating the architecture for midwifery archives–modeled after the U.K.’s Royal College of Midwives Archives and other international exemplars–with the goal of preserving the cultural heritage of U.S. midwifery, a traditionally feminist vocation that has been historically displaced in North America. This assignment on Organizational Risk Assessment fulfilled part of the iSchool’s requirements for Digital Assets Certification in Information Governance, Assurance and Security.