Out of Bounds Outreach
Jackeline Gonzalez, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 204 - Information Professions

Out of Bounds Outreach

Out of Bounds Outreach: Out of Bounds Outreach is an infographic that was created using Canva for Info 204. It lists different strategies that libraries can use when doing outreach. Each strategy also explains how and why outreach is an important part of library services for the library, library patrons, and the community overall.

Jackeline Gonzalez

Jackeline Gonzalez: I am an Administrative Clerk for the Records Department for the City of LA. My plan is to become a Young Adult librarian for LAPL and work in a library in my community. Since I grew up in a low-income household my community public library provided many resources that helped me succeed academically. I want to be able create and provide even more recourses and programs for students in my community so that they can succeed academically as well.