Outreach and Marketing Artifacts and Reflection
Emily Randall, 2020 Showcase

Randall 2020 showcase - Makerspace and Design Spot

Outreach and Marketing Artifacts and Reflection: My project was designed to demonstrate how a library can use graphic design software and social media to craft attractive, interesting, and effective marketing campaigns that showcase programs and services that meet the particular needs of the library’s service population. My campaign is designed to highlight the makerspaces at my local library, the Sacramento Public Library, and to attract as many patrons as possible by demonstrating the educational and entertainment value of these spaces. I focused on accessibility to both the campaign and the makerspaces themselves by observing universal design principles when I was creating the artifacts and by maximizing reach and visibility for the artifacts by utilizing specific formats and platforms (physical flyer, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Emily Randall

Emily Randall: I’m a student in San José State University’s Master of Library and Information Science program, and I just finished my first year of the coursework. I am so excited to be joining the field of LIS and I bring a passion for serving and educating my community from my previous experience in non-profit and education-adjacent work. I got my BA in English Literature from University of California, Davis and I currently live in Sacramento, California, with my spouse and our cat, Boo.