Protect Yourself & Your Data
Judy Luu, Gena Orme, and Felicia Villanueva, 2022 Showcase

Showcase ISDA 121 - Human Centered Cybersecurity

Protect Yourself & Your Data

Protect Yourself & Your Data: To support Cybersecurity Awareness Month, this project communicates to college students regarding potential cyber threats, how to stay safe, and provides a source for additional information. We researched cyber security statistics affecting the age range of recent high school graduates pursuing a college degree.

Judy Luu

Judy Luu is an iSchool student in the BSISDA program with an AS in Cybersecurity & Networking. She is working towards a career in the Cybersecurity industry.

Gena Orme

Gena Orme: “I am a San Jose native and iSchool student in the ISDA program’s first cohort. I am a mother of three and have been married for over twenty years. I graduated from De Anza College in the early 2000s earning AA degrees in graphic arts. My career and educational goals are to continue using and developing my skills to be a light in the San Jose community.”

Felicia Villanueva

Felicia Villanueva is a first year student at San Jose State University. Felicia is pursuing a BS in Information Science and Data Analytics.