Public Libraries & Homelessness
Honee Jam Collins, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 204 - Information Professions

Public Libraries & Homelessness: This infographic outlines the important role of public libraries in providing a welcoming environment, an inclusive library services and programming to homeless patrons. It lists the different barriers to library services that each homeless individual’s encounter based on research studies and other scholarly journals. It shows solutions that are unique in each department; management, Library services (Librarians and other information professionals), and library programming/events. Lastly, it shows different websites that can provide learning tools and resources to information professionals to understand more about serving their homeless patrons.

Honee Jam Collins

Honee Jam Collins holds an Associate Degree in Library Information Technology at Minneapolis College. Received her Bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies with a focus in Literature, History, and, Research at Metropolitan State University. A current SJSU MLIS student, aspiring to become a Children’s Librarian. She has spent seven years as an Associate Librarian in a public library working with patrons of all ages and active member of her library’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion team. She is passionate about learning new and emerging technologies, providing helpful and accessible resources to patrons, creating services that are inclusive to all patrons including individuals with disabilities. She will soon embark on a new career at her library’s Web & Online Services department.