Replacement of “Illegal aliens” in the Library of Congress Subject Headings Web Archive Collection
Jennifer Dawes, Tony Diaz, Sabrina Gunn, and Maria Hu, 2022 Showcase

Replacement of “Illegal aliens” in the Library of Congress Subject Headings Web Archive Collection

This project involved archiving a topical collection of websites centered on the replacement of the Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) “Illegal aliens” using the Archive-It web crawling tool available from the Internet Archive. The carefully curated web resources selected for our collection detail the timeline of events that led to the eventual deprecation of this term in November 2021 and the continued discourse around this and other offensive, exclusionary, and outdated subject headings. Our final paper and video presentation document our process of scoping and filtering our collection, significant rendering issues faced, troubleshooting solutions and readjustments utilized to successfully capture or block complex online content, technical issues experienced with Archive-It and the Wayback Machine, the creation of comprehensive collection and item-level metadata, and major takeaways gleaned from our web archiving experience. Our final web archive collection can be viewed at

Jennifer Dawes

Jennifer Dawes (she/her/hers) is an iSchool graduate student at San José State University. With a background in government and non-profits, she is working towards a career in public librarianship.

Tony Diaz

Tony Diaz: “I have been working in academic libraries for over 20 years now. I am currently studying data science, as data management and science is a highly evolving field in the academic library world. The role of open science and data has accelerated rapidly in the last several years, and will likely continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate. Publishers and funding agencies are now requiring that data be made open and accessible, and it is important to understand how these policies will affect the researchers. Researchers must be able to write data management plans, as well as understanding where and what repositories to deposit their data.”

Sabrina Gunn

Sabrina Gunn started her MLIS journey in Spring 2021 and is primarily interested in digital curation, metadata, and digital asset management (DAM). During her time at the iSchool, Sabrina has been grateful for the opportunity to pursue several unique experiences, including serving as the inaugural Building Strong LIS Education (BSLISE) iSchool International Scholar, cataloging a variety of digitized and born-digital audiovisual assets for the American Film Institute as a Remote Archival Intern, conceptualizing and prototyping user-centered design features for the iSchool website redesign project as a Usability/UX Intern, and presenting a group poster about visionary student leadership as the Webmaster for the SJSU ALA Student Chapter at the 2022 California Library Association Annual Conference. Following her graduation in Fall 2023, Sabrina hopes to use her digital curation, information organization, metadata, and DAM skills to work with digital and/or audiovisual assets for a special or academic library, archive, or museum..

Marie Hu

After realizing her love for the library, Maria Hu enrolled in the SJSU iSchool MLIS program in 2020. Initially, she was following the Academic Librarianship path. However, after meeting an archivist at the local library where she resides, Maria became interested in Digital Curation. With degrees in Music (Voice) and Musicology, Maria hopes to combine music and digital curation and pursue a career as an archivist or a music librarian.