Research Based Change in Libraries: Equitable Internet Access
Emily DiGiulio, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 282 - Change Management

Research Based Change in Libraries: Equitable Internet Access: In this paper, change research is discussed and the impact of specific changes are analyzed. Looking at current research that has been done in libraries that identifies decisions made due to the COVID-19 pandemic can help focus planning and guide policy recommendations. Innovations in programs that meet the needs of users, particularly through equitable access to the internet, are shown in various information settings. The paper discusses how problems were addressed in an award-winning project implemented in the Palm Beach County (FL) Library System in comparison to basic infrastructure needs supported by a library in rural Vermont. An awareness of the literature provides examples for effective and relevant research while supporting decision-making and the engagement of stakeholders.

Emily DiGiulio

Emily DiGiulio: Hello, my name is Emily DiGiulio. I am thrilled to be sharing this project in the showcase! I live in northern Vermont where I work as a public librarian in a community library that is a combined public and PreK-12 school library. I came to the information professions from the field of education, beginning my career as an early educator, Montessori teacher, and working in schools at the preschool and elementary level. I went on to become a teacher librarian, working to support students and staff by providing a learning environment and materials for literacy instruction, information literacy, technology education and to encourage a love of reading.

My decision to pursue an MLIS degree coincided with the opportunity to accept the position in my current public librarian job at the Fairfax Community Library. I was encouraged to enroll in the program by family and friends, and I believe that this decision has challenged me in a positive way as well as providing me with a greater understanding of the field through an increased knowledge and skill set. It has been one of the most significant times in my life to study in the iSchool at San Jose State University as I have learned about the information professions from a variety of perspectives, applying my learning to improve my practice and meet the needs of my library community.