The Role of Reference in a Time of Academic AI
Odin Halvorson, 2024 Showcase

The Role of Reference in a Time of Academic AI

The Role of Reference in a Time of Academic AI: Odin Halvorson examines the transformation of reference services in academic libraries amidst the rise of AI tools such as ChatGPT. This paper outlines the shift from traditional, transactional models of reference to more collaborative, human-centered approaches that prioritize the construction of knowledge over mere information dissemination. While AI tools can enhance reference services by handling basic queries, they cannot substitute the nuanced expertise of librarians. This paper emphasizes the importance of effective communication and improvisation techniques in reference interactions to alleviate library anxiety and improve user experience. Furthermore, this paper advocates for the collection and analysis of reference service data to better address user needs and refine reference practices. The author concludes that AI should be integrated thoughtfully to complement human expertise, ensuring that reference services remain a vital component of academic libraries’ mission to support information literacy.

Odin Halvorson

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