Studio Ghibli Museum Website Review
Lauren Brennan, Kristen Chua, Russelle Anne McDermott, Cynthia Montiel, 2022 Showcase

Showcase INFM 204 - Human Centered Design

Studio Ghibli Museum Website Review

Studio Ghibli Museum Website: The Studio Ghibli Museum has contracted our team, CLRK Design Consulting, to review their website in the English language. Our team proposes an overall goal to improve the Studio Ghibli Museum’s website by providing recommendations to meet the business objectives of increasing online ticket sales and donations that will encourage worldwide community building around Studio Ghibli’s media and products; improve the website’s heuristic weaknesses of findability, usefulness, and clarity; and improve the website’s aesthetics for a delightful user experience. We identified a few potential heuristic weaknesses in Studio Ghibli Museum’s website design, including a lack of clarity of content and issues with findability. We predict that if the organization implements our recommendations that address these weaknesses, its users will recommend the website to their various networks, which will then improve the website’s usability and traffic flow and increase the value of the organization.

Lauren Brennan is a Security Engineer passionate about privacy, information sciences, and security.

Kristen Chua

Kristen Chua is an Informatics graduate student at the San Jose State University School of Information. She serves as an Information Services Analyst at the California Digital Library. Her academic research focuses on information systems and their impact on people and society.

Russelle Anne McDermott (she/her/hers) is starting her second semester of the MS Informatics program at SJSU. She has a BS in Nursing and will specialize in Health Informatics so she can analyze and use data and information to improve health care. She works as a Program Administrator in the School of Medicine at Stanford University.

Cynthia Montiel: “My undergraduate studies were at SJSU with my BS in Health Science and Minor in Child and Adolescence Development. I’m currently pursuing my MS degree in Informatics with an emphasis in Healthcare. This program has been a great program thus far allowing for better understanding and growth in a future career in informatics.

“I am born and raised in the bay area and currently reside in San Jose, CA. I am a proud mother of two and happily married to a wonderful husband; our family includes our two pitbulls who have been part of our family for over 10 years. Our little family enjoys the simple life of spending time in the outdoors, movie nights, and with family and friends.”