Technology Adoption Proposal: Digital Media Lab At The Nealley Library
Victoria Perez, 2023 Showcase

Showcase INFO 241 - Automated Library Systems

Technology Adoption Proposal

Technology Adoption Proposal: Digital Media Lab At The Nealley Library: This mock proposal discusses one community college library’s adoption of digital media lab technology tools. To promote greater digital technology access for their users, the college’s librarians could designate a dedicated space for all faculty, staff, and student users to create podcasts, videos, or other audiovisual content for their coursework. This digital media lab space can incorporate existing library resources to make it cost-effective and new technology equipment to expand access to audiovisual production technology tools, such as computers, microphones, and a soundproof room. This paper provides information on digital media technology, potential users, costs, and supporting evidence to propose how the library can develop their own digital media lab for the benefit of their users.

Victoria Perez is currently pursuing her MLIS at San Jose State University and working in a library. Her professional interests include academic libraries, archives, library instruction, information access, and metadata.