Telling the Library Story: Community Digital Storytelling
Kay Wolverton Ito, 2020 Showcase

Showcase INFO 287 - The Hyperlinked Library

Telling the Library Story: Community Digital Storytelling

Telling the Library Story – Community Digital Storytelling: Libraries can and should use digital stories as community engagement, user empowerment, and library advocacy through a participatory praxis of digital storytelling. Community engagement and empowerment through digital inclusion and sharing can not only bring deeper engagement with the wider community, but also serve as a powerful advocacy tool as evidenced by libraries around the United States and world.

Kay Wolverton Ito

Kay Wolverton Ito brings to librarianship her experience in non-profits and education, and is a lifelong learner and ardent volunteer. She is pursuing her MLIS with the goal of utilizing her community engagement, communication, and leadership skills to continue serving the community through public librarianship, or expand her experience to include academic librarianship. Working with students and lifelong learners is what she finds most fulfilling.