Transgender Legal Rights & Advocacy Resources: A Digital Collection
Shane Alday, Ann Armstrong, Andrea Barrera, and Jessica Bell, 2020 Showcase

Transgender Legal Rights & Advocacy Resources: A Digital Collection

Transgender Legal Rights & Advocacy Resources: A Digital Collection (video): For this project we designed and executed a web crawl using Archive-It to harvest and preserve a web-based collection. Our collection captures legal and advocacy resources for the transgender community provided by seven organizations. Through this project we learned how to scope a collection, troubleshoot media format issues, create metadata, and deal with robots.txt files and copyright issues. We concluded the project by writing an analysis of our experience and challenges throughout the project (PDF available below). This collection will remain permanently archived with the Internet Archive and can be found at We hope this project will draw attention to these organizations and the valuable work they do. In doing so, we seek to bring dignity and respect to the people they serve.

Transgender Legal Rights & Advocacy Resources: A Digital Collection

Shane Alday

Shane Alday is an MLIS student and when not working or studying, can be found curled up somewhere reading, on a food adventure, or nerding out over one of her many fandoms. She believes in equal rights and opportunities for all, and aims to make that a focus in her career. She is passionate about empowering others to achieve their dreams.

Ann Armstrong

Ann Armstrong: As a Post-Master’s Certificate student, I particularly enjoy working with the new generation of soon-to-be librarians and archivists. I currently work as the Assistant Manager of Book Passage, a well-respected independent bookstore in San Francisco, and I was honored to introduce P. Carl, a transgender author, at one of our events. His book was very moving and had a lasting impact on me.

In addition to my MLIS, I hold an MA in art history and a Professional Certificate in Project Management.

I cannot imagine a life without books, and I hope to contribute something meaningful to the literary world one day.

Andrea Barrera

Andrea Barrera: Currently living in Portland, Oregon, I’ve just finished my third semester in the MLIS program. I plan to graduate Fall 2021. I’m following the data science career pathway, and I hope to work in an archival setting or with Digital Asset Management once I graduate.


Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell has worked in both the library and museum industries for nearly a decade. She received her bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from UC Irvine and is expecting to receive her MLIS in Spring of 2021. Professionally, she has focused on community based archive work, documenting untold narratives of marginalized community members, and developing programming to encourage a transition to participatory culture within both the library and museum industries. Jessica currently serves as the Director of History and Culture at a local museum and is excited to continue her career in the museum industry.