Use of Tech in the Recovery Community
Rebecca Booth, 2024 Showcase

Showcase INFM 200 - Informatics: Fundamentals

Use of Tech in the Recovery Community

Use of Tech in the Recovery Community (Blog Report #7): This blog report is presented as an audio presentation and discusses some of the technology, digital tools, and platforms are utilized by individuals recovering from substance use disorders. The report is intended to illuminate how technology supports their journey towards sobriety and well-being. From smartphone apps for tracking sobriety milestones & searching for local self-help meetings to online support groups and treatment center locations, the report serves as an introduction on the impact of technology in providing access to resources, fostering connections, and promoting accountability within the recovery process.

Rebecca Booth: “I am currently a Substance Use Disorder Counselor at New Leaf Detox & Treatment Center. I am responsible for facilitating educational/support groups as well as completing care plans for the clients. I received my BA degree from California State University, Northridge in 2012. I continued my education by returning to school for a degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies receiving my Substance Use Disorder Certification Counselor II-Clinical Supervisor (SUDCC II – CS) in 2018. I have over 5 years’ experience in the field of substance use disorders with previous jobs as a House Manager, Operations Manager, and Intern Supervisor. I am also an independent consultant working as a Group Facilitator at several treatment centers, completing health risk assessments and performing Compliance/Quality Improvement audits.

“On a personal note, I received my private pilot license in 2015 and am currently pursuing my instrument rating. I am pursuing my MLIS due to my interest in public health and data management and hope to utilize my experience in a public library setting.”