Virtual Learning Symposium: Choose Your Own Adventure
Ariel Dyer, 2020 Showcase

Showcase INFO 287 - The Hyperlinked Library

Virtual Learning Symposium: Choose Your Own Adventure

Virtual Learning Symposium: Choose Your Own Adventure: As an end-cap and entry into The Hyperlinked Library’s Virtual Symposium, this Choose Your Own Adventure game seeks to showcase and summarize a semester’s worth of learning from readings, lectures, and classmates. Within the game, those who play will experience firsthand Library 2.0 tenets as outlined by Laura C. Savastinuk and Michael E. Casey as well as other important tools learned throughout the course: participatory service, maintaining an open and curious mind, and adopting professional self-care in the field.

Ariel Dyer

Ariel Dyer is an SJSU graduate student in her second year of study. As the Community Events Coordinator at Bitwise Bakersfield, Ariel helps design, plan, and execute programming and events for the Bakersfield community. Previously, Ariel worked as a Library Associate for the Kern County Library, where she supervised the children’s library and helped provide programming to all ages. Whether it was a Haunted Library Tour full of guest storytellers and actors, or the Beale Mini Comic Con which brought 2,000 attendees together over a shared interest in superheroes, comics, and cosplay – Ariel’s strives to empower communities with resources they need to thrive, and in turn encourage them to invest in their own communities. Outside of work, Ariel enjoys hiking, reading, and hosting a horror-themed podcast with her friends.