Virtual Reality in the Library
Christopher Mora and Stacey Mitzel, 2020 Showcase

Virtual Reality in the Library

Virtual Reality in the Library: In a reality of constantly changing technology, the library has the potential to be a pivotal place of trial and experience for people of all expertise levels. Virtual reality in the library allows users to take their library experience to the epitome of learning by directly experiencing another place or activity, all within the library’s four walls.

Our Piktochart infographic features some of the exciting things that are going on in libraries today and provide some insight on where virtual technology in libraries may go. We feel virtual reality will provide libraries an additional dimension of learning opportunities and instruction.

Christopher Mora

Christopher Mora: I am currently in my third semester of the MLIS program and have enjoyed every minute of it. I currently reside in the Los Angeles area and work for the State of California. I hope that I can obtain a position with an archive or within an university library.

Stacey Mitzel

Stacey Mitzel: I am in my third semester of the MLIS program and am working as a Teacher Librarian in a school district. I love when I get to apply what I have learned in the MLIS program to my current position!