Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad TikTok?
Megan Bowyer, 2022 Showcase

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad TikTok?

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad TikTok?: The assignment was to create a knowledgeable piece regarding competitive intelligence in social media. Chelsea Simpson created an infographic that works to explain the importance and benefits of using social media to acquire competitive intelligence for any business.

Megan Bowyer joined the MLIS program at SJSU for the first time in 2015. Back then she had 3 small kiddos, was working fulltime, and just could not find the right balance for it all. In Spring of 2022 she re-started the program, and while she is still working fulltime, the children have grown and become much more independent allowing her to move fast and furiously towards her goal of becoming a Youth Services Librarian.