Dr. Connie Costantino
Lecturer, San José State University

Connie Costantino received a BS degree in Elementary Education (1971) and a Masters in Library Science (1972) from the SUNY at Buffalo as a School Library Media Specialist. In 2003, she earned an EdD in Educational Administration at Alliant International University. She focused her dissertation on information literacy while broadening the awareness and usage of these skills amongst undergraduate students and educators. Prior to joining the faculty at San José State University in 2004, Dr. Costantino spent over 30 years as a school, public, and academic librarian.

She also served as an academic library director from 1993 to 2003 and consulted for libraries in Mexico City and Nairobi, Kenya. She enjoys mentoring students by discussing how to transfer skills within various types of information organizations. She also likes to discuss career options based on students’ strengths and interests. Dr. Costantino also serves on the faculty at a community college library where she has taught an online course entitled Information for Lifelong Learning.