Dr. Loren Logsdon
Professor Emeritus Eureka College, Professor Emeritus Western Illinois University


Dr. Loren Logsdon is Professor Emeritus at Eureka College where he taught full-time for over 20 years and continues to teach part-time and a Professor Emeritus at Western Illinois University where he taught English Literature for 24 years. Logsdon received a BA from Eureka College, an MA from the University of Illinois and a doctorate from Ohio University.

Logsdon has published several books and a number of scholarly articles and served as fiction editor for the “Mississippi Valley Review” from 1974-1991 and the creator and editor of “Eureka Literary Magazine” from 1992 to 2005. Other scholarly work includes articles in “Midwestern Miscellany,” entries for authors Ray Bradbury and Robert Herrick in the first volume of the Dictionary of Midwestern Literature. Logsdon has also published a number of articles on the work of Ray Bradbury.