John Jamison
Creative Director and Dream Realizer at ImagiLearning, Inc.


John Jamison, Creative Director and Dream Realizer at ImagiLearning, completed his PhD on research conducted in Second Life (SL), studying the experience of educators when first introduced to the SL environment, with the primary focus on the personal/internal “experience” those educators had during that time. That study led to further research, which then led to the development of his view of TranceFormational Learning®, an approach to instructional design that focuses on developing the most ways for learners to “experience” the material to be learned, in virtual space and elsewhere. John started ImagiLearning as an eLearning company based on the TL approach and works with clients to create those types of engaging learning and training activities.
John began working with Unity about three years ago, and setup their first JIBE platform 2 years ago. Through ImagiLearning, he teaches classes on Unity, on various topics in SL, as well as classes on the basics of our TL approach, as well as work with clients in education, nursing and medicine, business and social services fields.