Rob McLauchlin
Records & Information Governance Lead, North American ECM Deployment, Talisman Energy, Caligary, Alberta, Canada


As a records and information management professional, Robert has been working in the industry for 18 years performing a number of information roles including chief librarian, document imaging supervisor, document management application specialist, and information governance and deployment lead. Robertís roles have predominantly been in organizations with ties to the oil and gas industry and have evolved around bringing information to clients in the most productive and cost efficient manner possible.

Currently Robert works for a major oil and gas exploration and production organization as a Records and Information Governance Lead/North American ECM Deployment. His responsibilities include the provision of operational guidance to achieve goals and objectives in the delivery of unstructured information, document management, and retention scheduling in alignment with the corporate vision. He is also responsible for the information governance and enterprise content management deployment in North and South America, including offices in the US, Canada, Peru and Columbia.

Robert has completed his MLIS and most recently graduated from San José State University with his Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA).