Library 2.023 Worldwide Virtual Conference
Banned Books and Censorship: Current Intellectual Freedom Issues in the Library

Special Event
Library 2.0 Banned Books and Censorship June 8, 2023

The SJSU School of Information invites you to attend the second Library 2.023 Worldwide Virtual Conference on the theme of ”Banned Books and Censorship: Current Intellectual Freedom Issues in the Library.” This online mini conference is free to attend and the sessions will be recorded. Please pre-register to attend.

Abstract: Intellectual freedom is under attack. Books with a focus on materials and programs related to or representative of marginalized communities are being banned.  During this conference, we will examine the current trends in censorship and explore solutions for how to promote our principles in an era of increasing polarization. We will also explore the dilemmas that arise at the intersection of intellectual freedom and social justice.

Our special conference chair is Martin Garnar, editor of the 10th edition of the Intellectual Freedom Manual and past chair of the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, who has been involved in developing ALA policy on intellectual freedom for 20 years. 

Visit the conference website for more information:

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