SLASC Presentation with the SJSU King Library Anti-Racism Assessment Working Group

Student Group

SJSU SLASC (Special Libraries Association Student Chapter) has invited the SJSU King Library’s Anti-Racist Assessment Working Group to speak with library students (and anyone else who is interested!) about local initiatives towards identifying and addressing areas in our libraries that need greater diversity, inclusivity, equity and access. The members of the Working Group will conduct a panel discussion about their work with a Q&A to follow.

Description of the King Library Anti-Racist Assessment Working Group: The death of George Floyd Jr. and national black lives matter protests prompted a few SJSU library employees to strongly encourage the library administration to act and address issues of race and racism within the organization. As a result, in the summer of 2020, the University Library began a series of training sessions provided by DeEtta Jones and Associates to consult and assist in addressing issues of racism. Furthermore, the SJSU library administration polled library employees to assess the priority of addressing policies and practices, resulting in the creation of the Anti-Racism Assessment Working Group (ARAWG). The goal of the working group is to advance the Anti-Racism Action Plan’s action items.

The panel will feature the following guest speakers:

– Adriana Poo, Health Sciences Librarian at San José State University and the Co-coordinator of the Affordable Learning Solutions program
– Neil Ordinario, Library Technology Coordinator at San José State University
– Anamika Megwalu, Faculty Director of Library Instruction & Assessment, and an Engineering Librarian at San José State University
– Dr. Erika Johnson, Institutional Repository and Digital Scholarship Coordinator at SJSU’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
– Sharesly Rodriguez, User Experience Librarian at San José State University
– Sharon Thompson, Student Technology Training Coordinator at SJSU’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
– Sylvia Guel Ruiz joined the University Library as Executive Assistant to the Dean in October 2015 with close to 3 years of experience as a Project Specialist for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
– Christina Mune, Associate Dean of Innovation and Resource Management at SJSU’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Register in advance for this meeting:

Date: Thursday November 10, 2022
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)
Location: Online via Zoom