Well, the time that most students look forward to is here…..the end of the semester. Students are happy when this time comes since it means that we are out of school for a little bit and we can decompress. Teachers also look forward to this time for the same reason. With the end of the semester looms……I like to look back and take a look at what we have accomplished during the course of the semester.

One of the goals that I have had this semester is to have something interesting and entertaining for everyone at least once a semester. We had several SLIS Colloquia Virtual Worlds Presentations this semester. Ran Hinrichs, Town Hall style meeting by AJ Kelton, Dr. Valerie Hill and a presentation on Accessibility of Electronic Records by Jason Kaltenbacher. (If you would like more information on these presentations, please go to https://ischool.sjsu.edu/webcasts and look for Virtual Worlds Presentations). Below is the list of presentations that happened in VCARA during the course of the Fall 2013 semester:

  • Ran Hinrichs: Immersive Information Environments
  • Dr. Valerie Hill: MOOCS and Virtual Worlds
  • AJ Kelton: Town Hall Meeting on Emerging Instructional Technology and Design
  • Jason Kaltenbacher: Accessibility of Electronic Records

Other events that Have happened in and around VCARA in Second Life:

  • Stanford University Archive Tour on Stanford University Island occurred at the beginning of October: Guide was Artemis Jacks.
  • LIBR 287: Tale of the Tudors held a Renaissance Fair full of student presentations about the Tudor Era that they were studying under the guidance of Lori Bell in this interesting concept of full classes being held in Second Life. Coming in Spring 2014, Lori Bell will teach the same type of class with a subject on Florence.

This semester was a fun one to be apart of this semester. There has been a few changes that have happened during the course of this semester.

  • We have erected a tall building where we are keeping presentations from the past VCARA Annual Conferences. This will serve as an Archive of VCARA.
  • We are also keeping, as much as possible, the presentations that have been held in VCARA during the course of this semester.

Even though Archives look to the past, we in VCARA look for the future. We are currently in the planning stages for events that will occur during the Spring 2014 semester. We are also in the planning stages for the 2014 VCARA Annual Conference. The Call for Posters has been out since October and can be found on the VCARA Blog under the Tab titled 2014 Conference or can be supplied upon request. The Call for Posters is also up on SLIS Island in Second Life.

We in VCARA wish everyone a safe Holiday Season and look forward to see you in VCARA and Second Life come the Spring 2014 Semester!

Happy Holidays!!!


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