Hey Everyone.

I am hoping that your semester is going well. We are having an event-filled week in Second Life this week. This serves as a reminder to everyone who was thinking about attending, just needed to know how the week was shaping up before they said that they would attend. Details below:

  • October 7th (tomorrow) Dr. Valerie Hill is giving a presentation on MOOCS and Virtual Worlds. The presentation will be at the Presentation Amphitheater and will start and 6PM SLT (pacific).
  • October 10th (Thursday) VCARA is going on a little field trip…… next door. Next door to VCARA in Second Life is Stanford University Island. We will be going on 2 guided tours: first will be a train tour around the island and take a look at the exhibits that they have recreated from real exhibits they had at their Green Library. Next will be a tour of the Stanford Virtual Archives. This is will be a fun, rewarding, and interesting for all. We are meeting in Second Life at 545SLT (pacific)(at the Presentation Forum) and then going over to Stanford University Island. The tour will start around 6pm SLT (pacific).

If you have any questions about any upcoming events, feel free to contact the VCARA Student Assistant, Kevin Dompier, at Even though this all takes place in the virtual world of Second Life and space is virtually unlimited, we ask that you RSVP to Kevin Dompier.

See you all in Second Life!


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