The Happenings In VCARA This Week…. And Beyond


This week in VCARA has been a busy one. The week started off on October 7 with a presentation by Dr. Valerie Hill titled MOOCs and the Virtual Worlds. This was a rewarding presentation about educational opportunities from low to no cost. This was an active presentation with many people attending. This presentation was held in the VCARA Amphitheater.

Also this week, there was a tour put together by VCARA to tour the Stanford University Virtual exhibits and Archives. The hosts of the tour work for Stanford University and are very active into the construction of new exhibits and were active in building the Virtual Archives in Second Life. This was an interesting tour to the fact that Stanford consumed an enormous amount of time to build up their island in Second Life in order to bring awareness to their archives and exhibits. The exhibits were transferred from real exhibits that were displayed at Stanford University Library into the Second Life world to prolong their displayed life. The Virtual Archives within their island is a direct sampling from what they have in their actual archives. The boxes displayed in their Virtual Archives related back to a real collection that they have in their custody. The pieces of information link directly to the online finding aid for the collection. This was built to bring awareness to their archives and give patrons, and possible patrons, a direct sampling of what they offer in person.

Both of these events were rewarding for the people who attended with good feedback. Snapshots of both events were taken and I have made a slideshow of those Second Life snapshots and uploaded them to YouTube. The web address to the slideshow is

Even though this week of events is over, this semester is just getting started. We are hard at work preparing another VCARA event for November. More information will be coming and I will let everyone know that information as soon as I get it.

To keep up to date with what is going on in VCARA, check back with this blog and also Social Media and SLIS Alerts to keep up to date.

If you are new or returning to Second Life and need a refresher on the basics, all you need to do is e-mail Kevin Dompier, VCARA Student Assistant, at to schedule at date and time for an orientation on the basics of moving and using Second Life.

I hope to see you all in Second Life!!!


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