Multimedia – Fall 2013 – Spring 2015


Published: April 24, 2015

Spring 2015 Alice Krueger/Gentle Heron Colloquial talk on March 31, 2015. People with Disabilities in Virtual Worlds.

Spring 2015

Alice Krueger/Gentle Heron Colloquial talk on March 31, 2015. People with Disabilities in Virtual Worlds. Machinima URL:

Multimedia – Fall 2013 – Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Machinima, Immersive Learning Faire, December 2014 – Pre-Revolutionary France & Immersive Scholars

View the culminating projects developed by students in both fall 2014 courses, LIBR 287, Pre-Revolutionary France and LIBR 27, Immersive Scholars.

Machinima – Immersive Scholar’s Offices (LIBR 287 Advanced, Fall 2014)

“This section represents SLIS Versailles Students taught by Professor Lori Bell. Please look through the video links to watch some of the projects this class does and we will keep you posted when new video links are available. Thank you for the interest.”

Machinima #1 – Views of Palace of Versailles & Student Housing

Machinima #2 – Petit Trianon & Student Housing

Beth O’Connell/Beth Ghostraven Colloquial talk on November 4, 2014. A fabulous talk on getting involved and joining professional educational, library and non-profit organizations in Second Life: Machinima URL:

Valibrarian Gregg/Dr. Valerie Hill teaching SLIS Versailles students how to do Machinima:

Kimberly Rufer-Bach/Kim Anubis has provided us with many examples of technology for educators, students and also free technology to facilitate immersive learning. Here is the the machinima link:

Spring 2014

VCARA Videos from the Renaissance Festival.

If you missed the Renaissance Festival, there are some great videos for you to watch. Learn about life in Renaissance Florence. Everyone did a fantastic job with their presentations and booths!

Start with: This is a nice slide show to let you see who who presented.

Ren Fair Part 1:

Ren Fair Part 2:

Ren Fair Part 3:

After watching these, you should watch the keynote speakers.

Opening speaker (Aldo Stearn): “Expanding our Horizons on Virtual Playgrounds: Roleplay, Immersive Virtual Environments, and Life-long Learning”

Keynote 1 (Serenek Timelss): “Leeches and the Education of a Tudor Physician: A Cautionary, But Hopeful Tale”

Keynote 2 (Korrigan Keynes): “Queen Katharine in a Virtual World”

Spring 2014 – Colloquium Series

Student Panel, March 6, 2014:


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Check out a video made by SJSU SLIS student Amvans Lapiz in InWorldz (Amvans Lapis in Second Life) of the Sendalonde Library Grand Opening. Amvans has been helping with the Community Library on InWorldz for a couple of years and is on the Sendalonde Library Board of Directors.


Amvans will also be on the SJSU SLIS/VCARA Student Panel on Learning and Creating in Second Life held this Thursday, March 6th, 6pm SLT (PST) on the SLIS campus in Second Life.

Fall 2013

Snapshots from SLIS Colloquia Series presentation by Dr. Valerie Hill and the Stanford University Island Tour planned by VCARA: (Picture Slide Show on YouTube)

Librarians Are Needed Everywhere — By Dr. Valerie Hill: A video produced in Second Life

Tale of the Tudors LIBR 287: Virtual Joust in the Realm of Usk – Machinima


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