SLIS Colloquia Event: MOOCS And Virtual Worlds


MARK YOUR CALENDERS: OCTOBER 7, 2013: 6-7pm SLT (Pacific) Taking place in VCARA


MOOCs (massive open online courses) provide educational opportunities at no cost or low cost online. Online learning brought distance education into the mainstream over the past few decades, but the MOOC, currently popular in higher education, brings learning to more students through large-scale interactive participation. This session will describe MOOCs, advantages and disadvantages shared with virtual worlds, and the future of the MOOC through examples of various types.

Technical Requirements: Computer with Internet access, Second Life avatar, SL Viewer, audio playback.

RSVP: Although space is ‘virtually’ unlimited, please RSVP to Kevin Dompier, Lori Bell at, or Dr. Pat Franks

Note: If you are new to Second Life or have not been in SL in a while, you can contact our VCARA Student Assistant, Kevin Dompier, at to arrange a time to meet for basic instructions (e.g., practice flying, test audio, tour VCARA).

About Dr. Hill:

Dr. Valerie Hill is an adjunct instructor at TWU School of Library and Information Science and a USD School Librarian. Her interests include information literacy, human-computer interaction, and the impact of the digital revolution on education and libraries. Dr. Hill is a writing trainer, specializing in connecting literature to writing and digital storytelling. She is an early adopter of virtual worlds and immersive learning environments as modes of collaborative learning and development of 21st century literacy skills.


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