Upcoming Events: August-September in VCARA


Published: August 23, 2016

VCARA has officially kicked off for fall 2016! Join us for tours, networking, freebies, and other resources.

Monday, 8/29/16 @ 6pm (Pacific) — VCARA Village Tour
Description: Join iSchool alumni Chris Nelson (Snow Scarmon in SL) and Jeni Crummey (Jen in SL) for a tour of VCARA’s quaint colonial Boston-inspired student housing village. During the tour, students will have the opportunity to claim a house for their own!
Monday, 9/12/16 @ 6pm (Pacific) — VCARA Resource Center Tour
Description: Join alumni Chris Nelson (Snow Scarmon in SL) and Jeni Crummey (Jen in SL) for a tour of the VCARA Resource Center. Built and maintained by Snow, this center offers students a vast collection of Second Life locations and how-to’s.
Monday, 9/19/16 @ 6pm (Pacific) — VCARA Meeting
Description: Join VCARA as we discuss virtual worlds, information science, and plan events for the semester. You’ll find good company, networking and learning opportunities, and more!
Tuesday, 9/20/16 @ 6pm (Pacific) — VCARA Sci-Fi Exhibit Tour
Description: Explore this architectural wonder with its creator Chris Nelson (Snow Scarmon in SL). You’ll find dazzling space displays, spooky images from outer space, and even a Tardis from Dr. Who. There will also be sci-fi-themed freebies for participants. Don’t miss out!
For all events, please gather at the VCARA Dome 5-10 minutes prior to the event. (If you get lost, no worries! We’ll send a teleport invite to anyone on the iSchool Island before we begin.) We hope to see you there!

For information about joining VCARA in Second Life, please refer to our VCARA for Newbies blog post. To request an orientation to Second Life and/or VCARA, please email Dr. Pat Franks (patricia.franks@sjsu.edu)



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