Upcoming Events In VCARA


Hey Everyone. Just as a reminder, here is the list of upcoming events that are taking place in VCARA:

  • October 7th: SLIS Colloquia Series Presented by Dr. Valerie Hill: MOOCS and the Virtual Worlds 6-7pm SLT (Pacific)
  • October 10th: VCARA October Event: Stanford Train Tour of their exhibits followed by a Tour of the Stanford Virtual Archives. Taking place in Second Life. Meet in front of the Presentation Forum at 5:45PM and then we will walk over next door to Stanford University Island. The tour starts at 6pm SLT (Pacific).
  • Stay tuned to the VCARA Blog for more information regarding upcoming events for November and December.

If you are new, or have not been around Second Life for a while, and would like an orientation in the basic controls, e-mail Kevin Dompier at kevin.dompier@gmail.com to schedule an orientation for a time that is good for both parties.

To RSVP to any of the above events, please RSVP to Kevin Dompier (kevin.dompier@gmail.com) or Dr. Pat Franks (patricia.franks@sjsu.edu).


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