VCARA Lecture 11/13/18: Cybersecurity, Second Life & Real Life


Published: November 2, 2018 by Alyse Dunavant-Jones

Join VCARA on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 6 pm SLT (Pacific) for a lecture by cybersecurity specialist Erik Moore (medi Martian in Second Life).

This event will take place at the VCARA Amphitheatre on the iSchool Island in Second Life (SLURL:
We will also simulcast the event in Zoom for those who cannot join us in Second Life:

When considering cybersecurity, the technology that enables Second Life can be thought of as a chain of related systems. This chain starts with your personal computer and works through various software and network layers that enable presence, communications, and amazing capabilities in a rich virtual space.
In Cybersecurity, Second Life & Real Life, Erik will walk participants through each link in that chain and consider some reasonable measures for security, safety, and privacy along the way. He will also cover larger cybersecurity issues like cyberkinetics, digital currencies, and human-computer interaction.

Erik Moore teaches courses like systems defense, digital forensics, and malware analysis in the Cybersecurity graduate program at Regis University. He was a founding director of the Colorado Front Range Center for Information Assurance Studies and is a Vice Chair of the International Federation of Information Processing Working Group on Information Security Education.

During the day, he is the director of a large school district network. He uses Second Life to test innovations in classroom design, teach cyber-physical security, and to develop collaborative solution models for incident response.

For information about joining VCARA in Second Life, please refer to our VCARA for Newbies blog post. To request an orientation to Second Life and VCARA, please email Dr. Pat Franks ( To follow VCARA on social media, check out our VCARA on Social Media page. To visit VCARA in Second Life, use the iSchool Island SLURL:


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