10 Reasons to Enroll in the MARA Program


1. The flexibility and convenience offered by the program’s fully online format will make it possible for you to live anywhere while you earn your MARA degree, and access course content at any time you choose.

2. You’ll receive instruction and mentoring from faculty members who are award-winning scholars and leaders in their academic and professional communities – and who live around the globe, bringing an international perspective on emerging trends in the field.

3. The curriculum focuses on the challenges you’ll face in the rapidly expanding field of electronic records and digital asset management.

4. You’ll learn to use sophisticated distance learning technology to interact with peers and instructors, including web conferencing for real-time audio and video discussions, as well as text-based discussions and online chats in our learning management system – so you can be part of an active, highly involved, supportive learning community.

5. When you start the program, you’ll complete a brief emerging technology course, which will prepare you for success in our interactive online learning environment.

6. You can earn your degree in fewer than three years, completing 42 units.

7. You’ll have the opportunity to learn with colleagues from around the globe who are already working in or interested in pursuing careers in archives and records management.

8. Rather than a traditional master’s thesis, you’ll benefit from a culminating experience geared for working professionals – developing an e-Portfolio that allows you to reflect on your learning and demonstrate your competencies.

9. You’ll gain practical experience and explore career options by choosing to complete either an Organizational Consulting Project or a combination of a professional project and an internship.

10. You’ll be ready to take on leadership roles in a field that offers a broad range of career directions.

“I would absolutely recommend this program. It offers a lot of the skills that will be useful for any practitioner in records management or archives.” – Edward Sumcad, ’18 MARA