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“The flexibility of being educated as both an archivist and records manager is excellent in terms of career opportunities.” – Dr. Lisa Daulby

The role of the records professional has transformed from one who was either an archivist or a records and information manager to one who must now understand and be able to assume the responsibilities of both positions.

Records professionals must embrace the change brought about as a result of emerging technologies, tools, laws, regulations, and social considerations that have an impact on recordkeeping programs and practices. Records professionals must be involved not only in developing practical solutions to the challenges presented but also in developing new archival and records and information management theories and approaches that can fundamentally transform recordkeeping in the information age.

With a Master of Archives and Records Administration degree, you’ll be prepared to work in a variety of settings, including government agencies; law firms; film and media organizations; educational institutions; and pharmaceutical, financial, and insurance companies. Your career path will expand as you learn to solve increasingly complex management challenges.

You’ll become familiar with the myriad laws and regulations governing records and learn to develop a legally defensible recordkeeping program. As new types of records are created by or stored within new technologies (e.g., social media, mobile computing, and cloud computing) you’ll have the knowledge to determine how to preserve them to ensure they are available far into the future.

Additionally, as a MARA graduate, you will be prepared to develop and manage records and information management programs to ensure that the right records are available for the right person at the right time. While identifying records created by or residing in information systems, you’ll be in a position to contribute to the organization by leveraging your expertise to analyze workflows and streamline business processes.

More importantly, you will have the educational background and experience to contribute to the enterprise’s overall information governance strategy by becoming involved in strategic information governance initiatives to manage not only records but all of an organization’s digital assets.


Podcasts Featuring MARA Faculty

We invite you to listen to industry-produced podcasts with invited faculty members from the Master of Archives and Records Administration program, who discuss topics related to archives, records and information governance.  


10 Reasons to Enroll in the MARA Program

1. The flexibility and convenience offered by the program’s fully online format will make it possible for you to live anywhere while you earn your MARA degree, and access course content at any time you choose.

2. You’ll receive instruction and mentoring from faculty members who are award-winning scholars and leaders in their academic and professional communities – and who live around the globe, bringing an international perspective on emerging trends in the field.